7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

According to James Robinson, the writer for the new Green Lantern series, “Green Lantern, one of DC Comics’ oldest and enduring heroes no matter what parallel earth he’s on, is serving as a beacon for the publisher again, this time as a proud, mighty and openly gay hero…He doesn’t come out. He’s gay when we see him in issue two,” which is due out Wednesday. “He’s fearless and he’s honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said ‘I’m gay.'” How does a comic book superhero’s sexual orientation have any impact on his ability to fight crime?

— 2 —

Today is National Donut Day. Check to see if there are free donuts in your area. I’ll be stopping by Hypnotic Donuts to see if they have anything special going on.

— 3 —

I love my job. When my coworker is on vacation, I appreciate just how much work she does. I need a vacation when she gets back. The responsibility is double and I don’t have a sounding board when I want to discuss something questionable. The first time I was left in charge, when she returned I actually cried.

— 4 —

Most people would wonder what kind of kid walks into a glass wall and gives himself a concussion (I’m looking at you Biebs). Well, my kid opened the car door (didn’t know his own strength!), whacked himself in the forehead (needing a couple Steri-Strips), and gave himself a concussion. It was almost 3 weeks before he stopped having headaches.

— 5 —

The Patriarch and the Heir gave two of the dogs haircuts this morning. Of course, the Heir left his sweatpants covered in blonde cairn hair, lying on the front steps. He had time to play X-box this morning, get the car detailed, pick the Spare up from his last day of 7th grade, but couldn’t shake out his pants.

— 6 —

Mom, why aren’t you watching me kill people? I think if the government was secretly listening into our household conversations, a la Enemy State, those of us with 17-year-olds and X-boxes would be a world of hurt. It’s similar to when the cat bring homes his trophies…the boys (hubby and kids) just want accolades.

— 7 —

We recently upgraded (read: bundled) our cable/TV/internet and ended up with two cable boxes and whole house DVR. I’m trying to adapt to this whole able to rewind live television and record while i’m watching something else. So, I recorded all 3 episodes of Hatfields and McCoys. Unfortunately the power went out the other night during the 1st episode. We hoped it had recorded the entire 2 hours but about 30 minutes before the end, just when we were really getting into it, it died.

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