7 Quick Takes Friday, vol 3

— 1 —

I’m exhausted! We are eagerly awaiting “Prometheus” this weekend so watched the first two Alien movies (back-to-back) last night with the Spare. He’s 13-1/2 and was scared enough to sleep with us. It’s a good scare though, I remind him that aliens are going to land anytime soon (I hope).

— 2 —

I’m glad it’s Friday, just today and Monday and my co-worker comes back from her much needed two week vacation. I appreciate her all the time, especially when she returns!

— 3 —

I’m working diligently to get this blog up and running. I know nothing about the mechanics and, while you can teach an old dog new tricks, I think it just takes a little longer. I’ve had two comments! One I think is some type of spam and the other asking why they couldn’t see my blog on their mobile device. So I upgraded on WordPress and I’m attempting to get that resolved.

— 4 —

Our youngest nephews were over for a short while last night (waiting for one aunt who lives four blocks away to pick up their mommy from Union Station). They are definitely supercute and very well behaved (as most kids are away from their parents). I miss little kids in the house, but definitely appreciate the older children’s driving ability.

— 5 —

I think I mentioned that we have 4 dogs: two butterscotch-colored cairn terriers, and two mutts. Max (the oldest cairn at 7) spent the night outside last night in the back yard. He likes to crawl under the house. Brutus, the other cairn, decided to go for a swim in our back yard pond. The Patriarch had to fish him out. I never thought they’d be stupid enough to fall in, now I’m afraid one will drown. The Patriarch and the two boys dug the pond a few years ago. We stocked it with 10 gold fish (which cost a whopping $1.00 at the pet store): now it’s full of gold fish, some big enough to eat…which could come in handy during this economy. Did I hear someone say, sushi?

— 6 —

We have a “party” to attend this weekend. For some reason the Patriarch isn’t much of a socializer. Did I tell you he’s an identical twin? This is the annual get together after CCD for the catechists. It is nice to get out of the house and if you lubricate him with a glass of wine he’s even funnier than normal, which is saying something, because he’s pretty funny. His family used to call him Steve Martin when he was younger.

— 7 —

Speaking of Steve Martin, we rewatched “Bowfinger” a week or two ago. I cannot say enough good things about this movie. Definitely R-rated but I’m dying to see “Fake Purse Ninjas” in all its glory! Come on Steve, give it to us!

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  1. recoveredcatholic says:

    Hello! I too know the struggles of getting a blog started. Its really fun though and I’m enjoying it a lot!

    My husband and I adore Cairn terriers. We hope to have one of our own someday. We have a mutt for now and she uh, leaves much to be desired.

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

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