7 Quick Takes, vol 5

— 1 —

It’s 2:40 am and I’m sitting here in the living room completely unable to sleep. I have a midterm essay due later today and I’m about 1/3 of the way through it. I don’t mind writing but I seem to lack the ability to figure out what I want to write about. I do much better when I’m assigned a topic. When the instructions are: “Midterm exercise consisting of an “Op-Ed” piece that might be submitted to a major newspaper such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune or The Washington Post. You will be asked to assume the role of the director of a bioethics think tank. In this role you will be asked to assert your position on one of the following topics: stem cell research, health privacy in the information age, or opt-out approaches to organ donation. Your editorial should be between 800 and 1000 words in length and is not intended to be a research paper but a well-reasoned position statement.” Hmmmm…how about “write about anything under the sun.” My problem is I’m so intimidated by the caliber of the instructors and have no way of knowing what other’s papers/essays look like that I over achieve, which comes with a great deal of angst…especially for my family.

— 2 —

I went with my son to his school’s new college advisor (it’s about time they hired someone to help these dorky high school boys with the college process. The Heir is tasked with coming up with 10 colleges/universities he is interested in attending, three of which have to be in-state. At least we are better off then we were prior to the meeting. He has narrowed it down to institutions on the edges of the United States (Hmmmmm…that means those crazy liberal areas). When asked where we wanted him to go to school, my son interrupted and said, “my parents want me to go to an Amish school and major in Catholic theology.” I would say that just about sums it up.

— 3 —

Our Fellow graduated last Saturday night. Our fellowship program is a four year training program for physicians who want to become board-certified gynecologic oncologists (this is after 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency and sometimes an additional 1-2 years of interim training prior to matching with our fellowship program). We have 4 Fellows training at any given time (we match one each October, who will start the following July and graduate one each July so we have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Fellow at any given time). It’s wonderful to watch our Fellows grow and mature over the their time with us. It’s like having children…exciting and sad to see them move on to bigger and better things.

— 4 —

My husband completed the rock walkway leading from the side of our house to the driveway. I’d post a picture but that would necessitate me getting up and going outside in the middle of the night to take one and…well, just take my word for it. It’s beautiful. Still needs a few finishing touches (small retaining wall on one side) but a fine job. The next rock project will involve taking down the sad, droopy 80 year old concrete front steps and pouring new ones which will then be rocked over.

— 5 —

One of the boys is having surgery on Tuesday. Not a major procedure (i.e., not open heart surgery) but not minor either (2—3 hour procedure with a 3 week recovery period). This is not his first surgery, but hopefully it will be his last. Even though I have always worked in the medical field and our patients undergo extremely complex major surgical procedures and I have been in an OR more times than I can count, even knowing what happens and understanding the caliber of his surgeon and anesthesiologist, it’s still very difficult to give over control of your child to what is essentially a group of strangers. The last time he has major surgery we availed ourselves of the sacrament of Annointing of the Sick. I don’t know how I feel about this now since I’ve just read an article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review discussing that this sacrament is really not for people undergoing anesthesia but people who are really, really sick. So, if you don’t want me to use it, you should go back to calling it “Last Rites” not “Annointing of the Sick”. Thank you.

— 6 —

The boys have a lifelong friend I’ll call the Jesuit (went to a Jesuit high school and really exemplifies the “Man for Others.” He lives across the street and his parents are godparents to our boys and, don’t tell my husband’s family but, they also hold the document that gives custody of my children to them should something befall my husband and I). He’s back in town for the summer from Univesity and they all went out and purchased fireworks for this week. Their favorite activity is to make “sparkler bombs” which entaila wrapping approximately 4,000 sparklers into a bundle and lighting it. I’ve never understood the need to start fires and make noise but, so…go figure. We’ll be standing by with the hose so things don’t get too out of hand. I know, you’re not supposed to shoot off fireworks in the city, but I figure since the neighbors down the street shoot off their guns for major holidays and the police don’t ever seem to get here in time to address this issue, I’m gonna let the boys shoot off fireworks on the 4th. I’ll let you know if anything burns down.

— 7 —

I’ve now used up an hour of latest insomniac episode and put off working on my essay so, at this point I’ll thank Jen for hosting another week of 7 Quick Takes. If I get a good grade on my essay I’ll post it later. Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

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