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7 Quick Takes–early edition

— 1 — We went to see Prometheus Wednesday night. I loved itm a very big Ridley Scott fan and was not disappointed. Was it perfect? No. But overall it was very intriguing. Michael Fassbender was achingly beautiful. The cinematography … Continue reading

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Noninvasive Whole-Genome Sequencing of a Human Fetus

On June 6, 2011 Science Translational Medicine published “Noninvasive Whole-Genome Sequencing of a Human Fetus” by Jay Shendure, et al. In part the abstract states: “Analysis of cell-free fetal DNA in maternal plasma holds promise for the development of noninvasive … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes Friday, vol 3

— 1 — I’m exhausted! We are eagerly awaiting “Prometheus” this weekend so watched the first two Alien movies (back-to-back) last night with the Spare. He’s 13-1/2 and was scared enough to sleep with us. It’s a good scare though, … Continue reading

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