7 Quick Takes, vol 6

— 1 —

The Heir came through his 3 hour surgical procedure with flying colors. His recovery is going well. He saw his surgeon today, everything looks good, and he will return in 3 weeks. Hopefully this is his last surgery. I still can’t quite control myself when he goes off to the OR. I cry and my mind turns to every possible catastrophe. I know we all have our crosses to bear but I wish I could take on every one for both my children. I know it is to their advantage to learn to deal with adversity but it still breaks my heart.

— 2 —

As much as I want to be one of “those” Catholic moms, you know the ones. Never profane, doesn’t laugh at inappropriate jokes, hates “Dexter.” I’m not. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that I love Eddie Izzard. There is a download of Eddie providing the directions for your TomTom (hey, remember those before smart phones told you everything?) We have one (although we don’t use it often, see prior comment regarding smart hones). I may have to update it ‘cause nothing would give me more pleasure than having Eddie give me directions. Oh, it can be found here.

— 3 —

I’m on vacation this week and have done nothing I planned to do, other than care for the Heir. Well, I have to admit all the laundry is done. Of course, it’s all sitting in folded piles on the dining room table, but it’s done!

— 4 —

Returning to the bad Catholic mom theme: the Heir and his neighborhood 17-24 year old male cohort (and an additional three men who were old enough to know better)spent 5 hours last night setting off fireworks in the street. All this despite the fact that he had been in the OR approximately 28 hours prior. It’s amazing what opioids and determination can accomplish. The Spare went with one of his friends to the local horse track (‘cause you’re never too young to watch other people lose their money betting on horses) for their huge annual Fourth of July extravaganza. We picked up some 99 cent 3-D fireworks glasses at the 7-11 and apparently they kinda worked, a little, well…they made everything look funny.

— 5 —

So, I’m kinda having a disagreement with someone on Facebook. I’m trying to be an adult, but I really dislike ad hominem attacks. It’s always interesting to me that everybody wants to post their opinion on FB (politics, religion, you name it) but if you comment that you don’t agree they get really angry. I think that I’m used to having educated discussions about highly polarizing topics regarding ethical issues and the Catholic faith and so when people attack me personally it’s pretty discouraging. I don’t mind strangers attacking me via comboxes, but friends…not so much.

— 6 —

Found at iambaker.net This is way easier than you think

I’ve been wanting to bake this cake. I’ve made the neopolitan version before. I was doing to do it Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday. Maybe I’ll get around to it today. It’s very easy and the directions can be found here. Amanda at iambaker.net is the one who developed this technique (which is now being taught in Wilton cake decorating classes). She has a great video tutorial on her blog and I really recommend that you check it out. It really is simple when you see how she does it. You can literally frost this cake in 10 minutes.

— 7 —

I got caught up with Design Star last night. I think I’ll try to take the time to make sure I haven’t missed any Project Runway.

Have a great week, I look forward to checking out everybody’s blogs, and thanks again to Jen for hosting 7 Quick Takes!

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes, vol 6

  1. LOL @ your qualifications for a Good Catholic Mom. My husband and I LOVE Dexter. (“Through my fault, through my fault…”) I mean seriously, the show is brilliant, right?

    Re: #5, I can relate. I am very prolife and used to have a bit of a reputation for sharing pro-life posts on Facebook. The conversations I had were exhausting. I think there were a few times that I made someone question their beliefs, but oh the drama. I hesitate to post stuff like that (or anything controversial, politics and faith, etc.) unless I have copious amounts of time to devote to quick responses.

  2. There is something about 3D glasses that seems hokey to me. We still had a B&W TV when color ones began to come out. They were too expensive, so we got a color simulator for our set. It was a piece of plastic that was clear in the middle, but tinted blue on top and orange/brown on the bottom. This was to give “realistic” views of outdoor scenes. 3D glasses remind me of that.

  3. Bonnie says:

    After you said the cake decorating was rather easy I checked your About page. It seems you have no formal training (that you mention) as a pastry chef so I will believe you. I’ve been checking out cakes decorated like that on Pinterest and while I want to try it I am very easily intimidated. By cake. Lame.
    But thanks for the link – I’ll be sure to watch her video and maybe I really will give it a try.
    (PS – found you on Jen’s link up)

    • Don’t be afraid to try. The first time I made this cake (the neopolitan version with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake with icing to match, also on Amanda’s website), I used real buttercream frosting and the heat caused the icing to melt off the sides of the cake. It still looked awesome for about 5 minutes and tasted fantastic. Just remember, practice makes perfect!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Re 3d glasses: hilarious! I think that whole trend is just annoying. We watched one movie in 3D and I watched most do it fuzzy bc the glasses made shooting pains in my head.

    Re divisive issues: this is why I ge really don’t post on them. No one changes their mind and everybody has bad feelings. I just wish ppl would apply reason to their ideology and realize almost nothing is as black and white as they think Jim is. Global comment for both ends of the spectrum!

    Re cake: beautiful! If only my husband liked icing. Or if only I could find an icing recipe he liked!

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