7 Quick Takes, vol 9

— 1 —

I’m in Boston! We attend a twice yearly gynecologic oncology conference and this summer it’s in Boston. I’ve never been here before. The flight was a bit bumpy and as we were landing I was think, “hmmmm, I hope there’s a runway at the end of all this water.” Luckily there was. Being used to the wide open spaces of Dallas and its environs I did have some difficulty driving through the “big dig” tunnel system. Of course, our Kamikaze taxi driver didn’t help things. I couldn’t help thinking about that scene in Independence Day when the “exotic dancer” girlfriend of Will Smith had to duck into the doorway to avoid the fire ball in the tunnel. I kept looking at the doorways and thinking “that superheated air is gonna follow me right in that doorway.”

— 2 —

When I go into a new city I like to try new things. Unfortunately, I don’t like seafood other than shrimp or some fish. An unfortunate oyster accident as a child scarred me for life. The vomiting on my little red Keds just loops over and over in my head when I think about oysters. I call them sea snot and my aversion extends to anything that remotely reminds me of oysters: scallops, mussels, clams, pearls.

— 3 —

We took the subway over the Fenway. Wow, it really is small and just plopped down in the middle of the surrounding streets (I know, they grew up around the ballpark). It’s weird to walk down the street and the stands are jutting out over your head.

— 4 —

We also rode over the Cambridge and took a look at Harvard Square and walked in the yard at Harvard. It’s sad to know that my child has absolutely no chance to attend an Ivy League school. Even the smartest kid his high school (who applied to Yale) only made it to the wait list. Now, my kid goes to a very academically strong Catholic high school where kids get into MIT and Stanford. But no one goes to the Ivies. We did stop at Boston University. They’re blowing up our mailbox with postcards. The campus is right on the Charles River and looks very nice. A good mix of traditional-appearing, ivy-covered older buildings and apartments interspersed with what appear to be standard office buildings. It is right on the subway line and 10 minutes to downtown Boston. Having grown up less than 6 miles from the exact center of Dallas, I think the fit of a urban University would be good for the Heir. He may put it on his list of 10 (he has to pick at least 3 in state schools to apply to).

— 5 —

Finished my final final for graduate school. And posted it a day before it was due! Yeah me! Last class under my belt. Next up thesis. I have to apply for December graduation prior to August 1st. I can’t believe I’m almost done. It’s been 4 long years and my family will be glad ‘cause I’ve been cranky.

— 6 —

I know I’ve talked a lot about our research nurse leaving. As I may have said before, change is always good and we are looking forward to reorganizing and changing up how we do things. Onward and upward!

— 7 —

I got a new phone a few days ago. Mostly because my new smart phone at the time I got it 2 years ago, could not support instagram. So now that I have it, and I’m playing words with friends for the first time (I know, it’s over, everyone is moving on to something new) I’m still struggling to figure everything out. Now that my class is done, I’m going to start baking and uploading photos.

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