7 Quick Takes, vol 10

— 1 —

I’m extremely tired this week. In the wake of my trip to Boston for work, my co-worker and I came back to the office to our current ‘new normal’. Down one co-worker, we are trying to absorb her work flow. Long days and a steep learning curve, getting up to date on all her study patients and incorporating them into our case loads.

— 2 —

Boston was phenomenal. Beautiful weather, easy metro transportation. I’m jealous of Bostonians. Of course, I’m sure I wouldn’t appreciate the cost of living or the liberal bent, but the history was amazing. Did I say I love riding the subway?

Easy peasy

— 3 —

I love old cemeteries. So I was in happy during my Freedom Trail walk. I can’t explain exactly why I like them. I love the details on the old headstones. It was awesome to see the Latin School and the North Church. Tiny streets but really exciting!

How cool is this?

— 4 —

With 4 dogs we do a lot of cleaning. They get bathed once a week but it’s a constant struggle to keep everything as clean as possible. We also have two couches from Ikea, cheaply made but that’s okay. They’re kid and dog proof and when they wear out I won’t feel guilty about throwing them to the curb. The Patriarch sent the Heir to Ikea to buy new couch covers, one dog loves to chew the corners off of pillows. One white and one black. He said the black would “show less dirt.” Well, that may be true, but they won’t be less dirty, we just won’t know that we’re sitting in dirt.

— 5 —

This is my first weekend at home without classwork in about a year. So I’m hoping to clean, clean, clean and then bake a cake. I think I’ll try this one:

— 6 —

We are going to take a little trip before the boys get back into school. We’re going to Marfa to see the Marfa lights and then stay at a little place in Fort Davis. We’re also going to the McDonald observatory. Apparently the stars are incredible out in far southwest Texas.

— 7 —

That’s all I have, so go see Jen for more 7 quick takes!

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