7 Quick Takes, vol 14

— 1 —

Well, we’ve successfully navigated our way through the first two weeks of school. The Heir is feeling good about his senior year. He gets to wear his blue shirt, as opposed to the white everyone else wears, and he gets his own parking spot. His class load is a somewhat lighter than last year. He’s rowed for the last two years but decided to take a break this year. They’ve changed the schedule of the workouts from 4:00 to 6:00 to 5:30 to 7:30 and that doesn’t give him adequate time to come home and do homework. I think he also wants to spend his senior year socializing with his friends as opposed to erging at the boathouse.

— 2 —

The Spare is the equivalent of a senior at his elementary school. He had difficulties last year, with his diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis and complex social issues involving his class and the school, he is very excited that he will be moving on to high school. After 13 years at that school between the two kids, we’re very excited to be moving on too. I have to admit we’re done with it.

— 3 —

We haven’t seen any rain from the remnants of Hurricaine Issac. Being in a long term drought it would be nice to have something positive from such a negative experience for others. I grew up on Florida and remember hurricaines. I don’t have any type of negative memory, just of storms that seemed to last for days. There’s an interesting article here about the psychosocial reasons some people chose or are forced to avoid evacuating in the face of a possible disaster.

— 4 —

The Spare was casually taking about his religion class yesterday. They were discussing the road to Emmaus and mentioned that he pointed out to his classmate that the story was about the Mass, “Jesus meet the disciples, they shared some scripture and they recognized him in the breaking of the bread.” Hmmm, not bad for a 13 year old.

— 5 —

Everyone has those family decals on the back of their cars. I found these when I was in Boston and they’re now firmly ensconced on the back of our car.

How I feel most days

— 6 —

Big changes are on the way for the Patriarch’s business. His sisters, who own the business across the street, have lost their lease and if they stay in the neighborhood, my husband and his twin will probably move their business into the same location. Families are complicated. I’m not pro this move but I try my best to stay out of it. I am literally the only person in a family of 8 eight children and spouses who actually works for someone else. We’re the only one with health insurance benefits. It’s as though they devalue actually taking direction or having to “report” to someone else. Very strong personalities.

— 7 —

I took a wonderful class this week on blog content and managing posting across multiple platforms, you won’t be able to see any external changes on my blog yet, but they’re brewing. Feel free to click on the “content brew” link to the right and check it out.

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