7 Quick Takes, vol 16

— 1 —

I originally saw this on Fr. Z’s blog. I’m going to post directly to the original blog though, showing some incredibly moving pictures of the reconstruction of Sts. Magnus and Bonosa. I find these to be too beautiful for words.

It doesn’t get more Catholic than this, does it?

— 2 —

I’m still trying to let go of some issues I have with a former coworker and the work that got left behind. I need to go to confession.

— 3 —

I’ve been drawn to a blog I stumbled upon. This particular family has adopted several children from around the world who have special needs. There is one young girl in particular who just draws me in. Her name is Victoria and there’s just something about looking at her. I think I’ve read the entire archives by now.

— 4 —

The Heir is finally beginning to take this whole college application thing seriously. He’s applying to LSU and the University of Arkansas (both offer in-state tuition for all intents and purposes to students from Texas, if your grades are high enough you get academic scholarships). He will also apply to USC and the University of Texas at Austin (his two stretch schools); Texas State University, Purdue, and I think Fairfield University in Connecticut. We’re rooting for an education where he can get a good, solid education and it will be cheap. I’m thinking LSU or U of A. It’s hard to imagine my kid as a Razorback. I want him within a few hours of home but mostly I want him happy.

— 5 —

The Spare starts his high school visits this month. He will be applying to Bishop Lynch and Jesuit. I don’t think he will get into Jesuit, but that won’t make me too sad. Since a high school freshmen he knows from his summer program asked him to the Bishop Lynch football game tomorrow night and he wants to go, I think he’ll do better at a co-ed school.

— 6 —

The Heir mentioned wherever he goes to college he wants to study biology since he does very well in that subject. I suggested taking microbiology (which I loved, because after all its all about me). I mentioned he could work brewing beer or working in a pharmaceutical company. He’s also expressed interest in working in Federal law enforcement. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next few years.

— 7 —

Taking my cue from The Recovered Catholic, I’m gonna let everyone in on a “blog better than mine.” I am baker can do no wrong! Lovely photos, great recipes, and lots of inspiration!

Thanks again to Jen for hosting. See you next week!

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