7 Quick Takes, vol 21 Christmas Spirit Edition

It’s the churchworkhome Christmas spirit edition!

I have yet to get anything ready for Christmas. Living in a home with three men, the decorating and desire for any type of Christmas tradition falls squarely on my shoulders. One year I refused to put up any decorations until someone else said something. No one said anything and I finally gave in about a week before Christmas.

We also tend to start some giant renovation project after Thanksgiving and so Christmas becomes a huge mess. So, according to tradition, my husband stepped up on the taping and floating in the back bedroom, which will eventually become our family room, with the current living room becoming a more formal area without the TV.

Now, on to the early Christmas treats!

— 1 —

We love Mr. Bean! I especially love the attention to scientific accuracy by including an evolutionary aspect into the Nativity.

— 2 —

Now, for a more reverent look at the Christmas Story, we turn to: A Social Network Christmas


— 3 —

Now, a fun and snappy take…

I especially like the method of travel chosen!

— 4 —

One of my fondest memories is of singing The Messiah in a community choir when I was 18. I love being a first soprano, I’m not talented enough to sing anything but the melody.

— 5 —

Weeping Cake

Cake Wrecks – Home – Christmas Blues.

Go check out Jen and John’s delicious take on Christmas Cakes.

And here’s a handy link to the awe-inspiring worst Christmas Song that Jen references:

— 6 —

I originally saw this with puppets, but puppets kind of give me the creeps. I like this version better with old movie clips:

— 7 —

This is a neighborhood north of Dallas. Only in Texas!

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