7 Quick Takes, Vol. 22

— 1 —

Since this is the time of year for looking back over the last year and forward to the next, I thought I would provide some link ups to tools that can help us determine how we would like to express our appreciation for what we have as well as helping us look forward, as well as my “resolutions” for the next year.

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Starting here at I Saw You Dancing I found several links that I think offer some intriguing ways to look at the past and the future. I started with the following four questions to help me focus

— 3 —

Real Simple Drawer Organization
I am at my very best when …
My surroundings are organized. I feel calm and confident. Whether I’m working or sewing or cooking or cleaning, if I have everything I need around me, I’m much more likely to start a new project and finish a project on time. I like being prepared.
In 2013 I will AMPLIFY my organization at home and work

— 4 —

These things drove me crazy in 2012 …
I have to admit that this whole election cycle has driven me crazy. I get tired of the constant division and animosity that exists around politics. Unfortunately, much of this happens in my own family. There seems to be a trend in my family that if you don’t agree with other members’ politics it’s because you think they’re wrong, not that you have a different opinion. If you aren’t as passionate about their beliefs as they are then it’s because you don’t care. For example, if I don’t believe that the world will end as we know it and take appropriate measures, it’s because I don’t care about my children’s future.
In 2013 I will ELIMINATE instigating any political discussions. I will thoroughly investigate other’s claims before voicing my opinion.

— 5 —

I really want to make/do this in 2013 …
I have enough needlework supplies to keep me busy for years. I have quilting supplies and books galore. Even though we are in the midst of financial insecurity I have enough to stay busy and satisfy my desire to be creative. I also have enough baking supplies to open my own bakery.
In 2013 I will CREATE something each week and document my progress via my blog, be it embroidery, quilting, sewing, or baking.

— 6 —

Even during tough times this year, I appreciated …
I appreciate that my husband and children are healthy. I appreciate that I have a home to live in and a reliable car to drive. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to further my education. I appreciate my job that allows me to contribute to my family’s health, happiness, education, and financial security.
In 2013 I will APPRECIATE my husband

— 7 —

Join me in sending prayers for Jen and her family.

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