1 down, 6 to go: San Antonio and Tex-Mex

I got back Saturday from a 4 day business meeting in San Antonio.   Usually this summer meeting takes place in the northeast:  Boston or Philly, sometimes Chicago or Denver.   But this year they choose San Antonio.   Now, I live in Dallas so I know what San Antonio is like in the middle of July.   Pretty darn hot.   Not surprisingly conference attendance was down.  What was surprising was that the temperature was actually cooler in San Antonio than it was in Boston or Philly.   I’ve been to San Antonio a few times but this was the first time I’ve eaten at a restaurant which is quite well-known in town:  Mi Tierra.   I love Tex-Mex and this is probably some of the best I have ever eaten.   The atmosphere is wonderful.   The entire eatery is festooned with Christmas lights.

Mi tierra lights Mi Tierra bakery

It was crazy!   It’s open 24/7 and apparently the breakfast is wonderful.

It always surprises me how much I miss my family when I’m gone.  Then when I come back, we fall into the same patterns of behavior.   Perhaps we all need more trips?

Our flight back on Southwest Airlines was oversold and my co-worker and I elected to give up our seats.   Of course there was a storm over Dallas and we were diverted to Oklahoma City where we sat on the tarmac for a while and then refueled and flew back to Dallas.   But I did manage to score some sweet free miles that should allow my family of 4 to take a trip somewhere this year for free!   WooHoo!

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