Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

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I participated in Jen Fulweiler’s 2014 Saint’s Name Generator. Well, interestingly enough I was given St. Vincent de Paul. Patronage: Charitable Workers; Hospital Workers; Lepers; Lost Articles; Prisoners; Spiritual Help; Volunteers.

I work in gynecologic oncology in clinical research so I guess it was meant to be.

Feast Day: September 27th.

I have been struggling over the past year or two to really find a rhythm to blogging. I have teenage children so I’m not a “mommy blogger” but I do have a Master’s in Bioethics and Health Policy with a concentration in Catholic Healthcare Ethics so I think that I can provide insight into ethical challenges regarding healthcare from a Catholic perspective.

So, my only post within the past two weeks, thus the one I’ll link to, involves the Catholic Church’s position on brain death, in light of the tragic Jahi McMath case.

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  1. RAnn says:

    Blogging about your kids isn’t so easy when you have to wonder if their friends will stumble across what you write and whether the kids will be embarrassed.

    • I agree it’s not easy blogging if you have younger kids. I guess I think that at least mommy bloggers (I hate that term) have something going on 24/7 and that serves as a springboard for blogging topics. Plus I think I’m lazy.

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