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Five Favorites

I. Gena Fresh Scent Warm O Lotion I used to have regular mani/pedis but, in an effort to save money, have started doing my own at home. Okay, I still splurge occasionally. Anyway, I loved the warm lotion that my … Continue reading

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Worthiness Wednesday, Vol 1

Worthiness: Having sufficient worth; deserving: worthy to be revered. I often think I don’t deserve much. I don’t deserve my very understanding, ever patient husband, nor my smart, funny, and uniquely wonderful children. My lack of worthiness leads me to … Continue reading

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Blogtoberfest Day 8, Alana’s awesome poetry

Children of Gomorrah (Martin O’Brien) I don’t mean to point a finger at you. It’s just that you came up in my Catholic poetry biblical queue. What you do is up to you. For this is just poetry practice. Just … Continue reading

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