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7 Quick Takes: Planes, trains, and automobile edition

A wonderful family we’ve known for years have moved away. He was transferred  to Sheboygen, Wisconsin and she got a great job teaching middle school science and math. I drove up with her to Wisconsin. We took a 2 day … Continue reading

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1 down, 6 to go: San Antonio and Tex-Mex

I got back Saturday from a 4 day business meeting in San Antonio.   Usually this summer meeting takes place in the northeast:  Boston or Philly, sometimes Chicago or Denver.   But this year they choose San Antonio.   Now, … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, vol 10

— 1 — I’m extremely tired this week. In the wake of my trip to Boston for work, my co-worker and I came back to the office to our current ‘new normal’. Down one co-worker, we are trying to absorb … Continue reading

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